Prayer, Praise, Petition, and Thanksgiving

In order to keep our prayer list current, please contact Pat Cetera with any changes or additions.

Monthly Intentions for July

Let Us Pray

In praise of our Heavenly Father: That ALL people will be recognized as children of God, be treated with charity, justice and respect, without regard to age, origin, status, or religion.

We Pray

That every man, woman and child, born and unborn, have their basic human needs met, and are afforded the opportunity to live with dignity and hope.

We Pray

That the Land we call “HOME” will truly be a land where freedom, peace and equality reign, where people live in harmony, and our government protects and upholds the vision and laws created by our Founding Fathers.

And We Ask

That the children and parents that have been separated, who are migrating to our Country be reunited as family, and find the better life they seek.


Let Us Remember

We remember in prayer those who are ill, and those who care for them:

Mrs. Engleman, the Dahl family, Delores Nocchi, the Bossharts, Joe Pesce, Joe Gagliardi, Bob Bukowski, Steve Stecker, Christine Green, Megan (daughter of Mary Beth Murray), Henry and Lillian Kazmierczak, Nina Sherman, Marie Mynatt

Let us remember the intentions of our brothers and sisters in fraternity.

Let Us Give Thanks

For our freedom, and the many who gave their life to protect it. We give thanks for each day that dawns, for our talents, our hopes and dreams, for one another to share the journey.

And we give thanks for all the gifts and blessings from God we receive each and every day.

A very safe and happy Fourth of July to all!


–Pat Cetera, OFS