Prayer, Praise, Petition, and Thanksgiving

In order to keep our prayer list current, please contact Pat Cetera with any changes or additions.

Monthly Intentions for March

Let Us Pray

That as we fix our gaze on the Cross and follow in the journey of Our Savior to Calvary, our hearts may be converted and our lives transformed to more clearly reflect the Face of Christ.

Let Us Remember

Let us remember all those in our fraternity, their families, and all  their special intentions:

Mrs. Engleman, wife  of Bill Engleman; “Salesian Old Boys”; Lorna Miressi; Earl, Pam and Dorry Dahl; Delores Nocchi; John and Jenny Bosshart; Joe Pesce; Bob Bukowski; Steve Stecker; Henry and Lillian Kazmierczak; Christine Green; Megan, daughter of Mary Beth Murray; Joe Gagliardi; Nina Sherman, Marie Mynatt

Let us remember those who are ill and their caregivers.

Let Us Give Thanks

We give thanks for our family, friends and Franciscan brothers and sisters, who accompany and support us on our journey to the Cross this Lenten Season. We give thanks for the freedom to openly practice our Faith, and the many blessings bestowed upon us in Faith. We express our gratitude for the uncountable gifts in our personal lives that God has most graciously given.


–Pat Cetera, OFS