Prayer, Praise, Petition, and Thanksgiving

In order to keep our prayer list current, please contact Pat Cetera with any changes or additions.

Monthly Intentions for July

That all may share the responsibility of making correct moral choices
To create
Loving communities
Where all people live with dignity as children of God
With social justice, in peace
In a nation that is

We continue to remember in prayer those who are ill

  •  Delores Nocchi, OFS
  • Earl and Pam Dahl, family of Dorry Dahl, OFS
  • John and Jenny Bosshart, family of Eileen Bosshart, OFS
  • Joe Pesce, husband of Kathy
  • Bob Bukowski, brother of JoAnne Kamin
  • Joe Gagliardi, husband of Mary
  • Steve Stecker, brother of Jerry
  • Virgilio Buensuceso, brother-in-law of Sylvia Quines
  •  Henry and Lillian Kazmierczak, parents of Cindy Kaduk
  • Christine Green, daughter of Pat Cetera
  • Megan, daughter of Mary Beth Murray

And our sisters in St. Francis:

  • Ruth Mendelson
  • Sylvia Quines
  • Maria Snell
  • Nina Sherman
  • Connie Magdangal

Let us remember our brothers and sisters who made the ultimate sacrifice giving their lives to make our nation the Land of the Free.

In Thanksgiving

We give thanks for the many brave men and women through the years who have stood watch, and defended in battle the nation we call “home.” We are grateful and praise our God for our faith, our homeland, our homes, our families. We give thanks for all the things given to us each day that we take for granted: water, clothing, food, work, shelter, opportunity, freedom, talent, education, crosses, suffering, blessings, mercy, Eucharist, creation, light and dark, sun, moon, and those too numerous to mention. And we give thanks for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit  now and through eternity.

–Pat Cetera, OFS