Our Friend Natia

Moreover, they should respect all creatures, animate and inanimate, which “bear the imprint of the Most High,” and they should strive to move from the temptation of exploiting creatures to the Franciscan concept of universal kinship. (OFS Rule #18)

Phyllis Sadowski reminds us that this rule calls us to be aware how our actions impact our non-human brothers and sisters:

As Franciscans, we should give a voice to the voiceless. If humans treat animals as objects to be discarded when not convenient, then it is just a small step away from treating human life the same way. Let’s remember to be good stewards to our animal friends.

One we can be good stewards by helping organizations such as  Fur Keeps Animal Rescue, who shares a story about a kitty named Natia. . .


A letter to my “family” …..

Please don’t worry about me . I am going to be fine , now .

Three days ago you put me in a carrier , one that was so small for my generous size that I could barely turn around in it . I thought surely we were just taking a short trip so it was ok.

When you took me to the side of the dumpster and set me down on the ground , I still tried not to worry. You were my human and we loved each other so you would never put me in danger . When you walked away , I got scared .

It was so hot on the ground in the 90 degree temperatures .
I couldn’t really get comfortable in my carrier and there were lots of strange sounds and smells . I kept telling myself, ” Don’t worry , they’ll be back.”

But you didn’t come back , and I started to cry . A lady heard me and came to let me out of my carrier . I was so scared but I ran into some bushes to hide and be safe . Another nice lady came and coaxed me back into my carrier . She told me not to worry , she would help . She started calling people on her phone and soon another lady came to help . They made lots of calls and I was really nervous because no one could help me to find you . Finally they called Arlington Cat Clinic and the kind people there said they could find me a safe place where I would be cared for .

I don’t know where you are , but I hope you are ok. I am receiving lots of pets and attention . I miss you but I’ll try to be a good girl so my new family won’t send me away too. They tell me that they will get me a spa day , what’s a spa day ? It sounds nice . Then they will find me a new family . One that will keep me forever . I will make them so glad that they chose me . I will give them head butts and purrs . I will comfort them when they are sad or scared . I did that for you but I will try even harder this time.

My new name is Natia, which means “found.” I am young and healthy and got all my health care needs attended to .

Maybe a nice family will see my letter to you and will find room in their home for me .
So don’t worry about me , I’m going to be fine , now.

I am up to date with routine shots. I am litter box trained. I have been altered and micro chipped.

If you are interested in adopting me you can call Gloria at 630-207-1238.


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