Why Do We Gather?

The following message is from the minister of the St. Bernardine of Siena Fraternity.

At our most recent leadership gathering for our region I gathered with other ministers during our breakout sessions. Li gathered with others involved in formation, and Maria gathered with those involved in spiritual assistance. Lorna of course was the main presenter in her role as minister for the region.

I can’t speak to what others heard or discussed, but at the ministers gathering we discussed ways to be sure everyone attended the gatherings. We discussed ideas. One important conclusion we came to is that we need to review our rule and constitution regarding why we have a monthly gathering and why it is important. This is actually a topic I can’t take on in this brief minister’s message. I will be reviewing some of this though at our monthly meeting.

Why is it important for me to share this now?

The guiding statement I heard from a former national minister, Patrick Mendes, is that no secular can be in a fraternity in isolation. Some have put themselves in isolation. Some are there for health reasons. Some are there because they live a great distance from their home fraternity. As a council we will be dealing with these before the end of the year according to our rule and constitution. Each will have an opportunity to be in community as best they can according to their circumstances.

What are we to do about those who do not regularly attend our gatherings? Some come every few months? Is this community? Is this what our rule calls for? Is this fair to those who attend faithfully every month?

Why do we gather?

These are questions we will explore together in fraternity.

Pax et bonum,




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